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Welcome to North Wales LMC

Welcome to the North Wales Local Committee's  website

The Chair of the Committee is Dr Sara Bodey

The Deputy Chair  Dr Alwyn Parry

Treasurer   Dr Paul Emmett

Secretary Dr Tim Davies

Alwen Lloyd Williams is the Administrative Support.

The Local Medical Committee is a statutory committee and predates the NHS by 40 years!

As such there is a legal obigation on all parties to consult the LMC on all matters that will affect patients and general practice.

The Committee is funded by general practice.

Over the next months we hope to develop this site as a discussion forum for LMC members and a resource for general practice throughout North Wales.

North Wales LMC was established in 1996 with the amalgamation of the Gwynedd and Clwyd LMC's in 1996. This was when the North Wales Health Authority was created. It has remained unchanged despite the various transitions of management structures up to the present,  the Betsi Cadwalader University Local Health Board.

Members are elected to the Committee every four years and a locality representative system is used, weighted for GP numbers in a locality. This ensures a fair and balanced representative structure across North Wales.

All doctors on the performers panel for general practice are eligible to stand for election.

General Practice on an all Wales basis is represented by the Welsh General Practitioners Committee, for which there are triennial elections. Though elected members of this committee are usually LMC members, if they are not, they are co-opted to the North Wales LMC.

Currently we have three members, elected by a single transferrable voting system conducted by the Electoral Reform Society. They are:

Dr Sara Bodey

Dr Tim Davies

Dr Paul Emmett

North Wales and Dyfed Powys form the constituency for one seat on the National (UK) General Practitioners Committee, and our current representative is Dr Peter Horvath-Howard. Again there are triennial elections, conducted by single transferrable vote organised by the Electoral Reform Society.

The LMC is called upon to send representatives to a whole raft of other committees and members who are sent are expected to represent the LMC views and report back to the LMC.

LMC officers are only too willing to provide help, advice and support on all matters to do with general practice in the area. In particular, any doctor facing disciplinary hearings or contractual disputes is strongly advised to contact the LMC at they're earliest convenince for support.


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